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Tamworth - Sydney - Los Angeles, LA Scene Day 1

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Started the day fairly early with the short flight from Tamworth to Sydney. In-flight snacks are getting worse every time I fly!

3 hours in Sydney before my flight. No maps to be found anywhere in the international terminal (and it's big).


Flight from Sydney to LA was a bit late taking off (due to a "technical issue"), but we caught up to time easily due to a good tail-wind over the pacific. Meals were average, but certainly better than the domestic fare.

Got to LA a bit earlier than scheduled, at which point we discovered the horror of LAX - gate lock! The gate we were to dock at was being used by another plane, so we had to sit on a taxiway (with the seatbelt sign on) and wait for the gate to clear, which took about an hour. Almost everyone's first stop after disembarking was the loo. US Immigration seemed nice and helpful (maybe they felt sorry for us after our long wait), go through with no problems.

Caught the SuperShuttle to the hotel in Anaheim - met 2 of the girls on my first tour on the shuttle. Ran into Erin (who I'd been emailing pre-tour) in the lobby and we went for a walk to Downtown Disney, then to Food4Less (15 min walk down the road) to buy essentials.

Did the pre-tour meeting and went to dinner with the group.

USA_Trip_-_0001.jpg USA_Trip_-_0002.jpg

Afterwards, a few of us went to Newport Beach (thanks to Owen and his car) for a little while, before coming back to the hotel.

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